Wildfires burn near the Arizona town of Superior.

Shot Description

Shot 1: DC-10 Tanker drops fire retardant on the mountain side.

Shot 2: Close up of DC-10 Tanker drop

Shot 3: Wide shot of DC-10 finishing drop.

Shot 4: Wide shot showing lead plane and then DC-10 making another drop.

Shot 5: Tight shot of DC-10 dropping retardant.

Shot 6: Wide shot of DC-10 finishing the drop

Shot 7: Medium shot of DC-10 flying away after the last drop before sunset.

Shot 8: Wide shot of smoke and fire on the mountains near Superior.

Shot 9: Ultras wide shot of smoke from both the Telegraph and Mescal fires.

Shot 10: Tight shot of a mountain ridge burning from the Telegraph fire.

Shot 10: Medium shot of Emergancy vehicles.

Shot 11: Wide shot of emergency vehicles with flames and glowing smoke.

Shot 12: Ultra tight shot of fire burning on ridge.

Shot 13: Tight shot of ridge burning with flare ups.

Shot 14: Glowing smoke.

SID: Bryan Snider