GLENDALE — After the Poston Butte offense had been clicking on all cylinders in their last three games, the Broncos ran into a brick wall Friday night, as the team’s three game win streak came to a tough end, losing to the Cactus Broncos 54-6.

Cactus flexed their muscles early in the ballgame, scoring on their first drive, and implementing a pass-heavy offense throughout the first half.

Cobras junior quarterback Will Galvan torched the Broncos defense. Using both his arm and his legs to keep the chains moving for Cactus.

Galvan completed four passing touchdowns in just the first half, and was a crucial piece in the Cobras getting out to a 27-0 lead at halftime.

(Galvan) is just that good, and they have good receivers, they work really hard,” Broncos head coach Dain Thompson said. “Sometimes guys just make better plays than you because they have worked harder. It wasn’t anything that they confused us with or did anything that we didn’t see on film, they are just that good.”

The second half brought more of the same for Cactus. Sticking with their pass heavy offense that was so successful in the first. Galvan added three more passing touchdowns in the second, bringing his total for the game to seven.

The Broncos just had no answers for both the Cactus offense, although they would avoid a shutout due to an 82-yard touchdown run from Octavious Joe, it was a case of too little, too late.

“(Joe) is a great kid who deserves his successes because he works so hard for them,” Thompson said. “A lot of things just come easy to him, and everything else he has worked his tail off to for. He is not a kid that grew up playing football, this is only his third year he has ever played football in his life. He works just as hard in practice as he does in games, so he deserves some success.”

The loss to the Cobras will drop Poston Butte’s record to 3-2, however, with eyes still on winning their region, Thompson is hoping the team can learn the lessons they need to in order to get better down the road.

“We are just gonna try and mend up and get some guys to step up for the guys that are injured,” Thompson said. “Hopefully they are not out for too long, but there is a few of them that are pretty significant. The thing is we play teams from here on out that are like us, so the team that plays better on that night will win.”

The Broncos will hope to be the better team, and get some key guys off the injury report for next week’s road game against the Phoenix Northwest Christian Crusaders.


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at

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