SAN TAN VALLEY — The Poston Butte Broncos are coming off of an impressive season where they went undefeated in region play at 10-0. That success was due largely because of the play from Nina Bongiovanni. The Broncos' senior led the team with 157 kills on the year, while adding 56 serving aces to her stat sheet as well.

Although their season did not end the way the Broncos hoped, losing to Phoenix St. Mary’s in the play-in round of the playoffs, Bongiovanni showcased her abilities and officially signed with Division II Goldey-Beacom College in Delaware.

Bongiovanni transferred to the San Tan Valley school in her senior year, making this season her first and only at Poston Butte. Despite the short time she spent with the Broncos, she quickly found the good fit she was hoping for, meshing with the team fast, which only elevated not only her individual success, but the team's success as well.

“I was really excited for what she could bring to our program, Nina came in and didn’t play cocky, she just came in, practiced and she earned her spot,” Broncos head coach Belinda Quesada said. “She boosted everybody’s confidence, she set an example where everyone realized the level that they could play at. The team welcomed her with open arms, it was a true sisterhood this year.”

For Bongiovanni, she says she is looking forward to continuing her volleyball career at the collegiate level and is happy to see all of her hard work paying off.

“I’m just really excited, I have been playing volleyball for eight or nine years, and I never thought that going from a church league to now would actually be happening,” Bongiovanni said. “After all the work I have put in, my parents and coaches have put in, plus the support from all of my teammates is just amazing.”

The Broncos opposite hitter, and soon to be Lightning opposite hitter, mentioned that she put her recruitment in her own hands, reaching out to schools on her own. She landed on Goldey-Beacom as the school for her after great conversations with the coaching staff and visiting the East Coast school.

“I started the recruiting process when COVID-19 first started, because I thought I should just take action,” Bongiovanni said. “The hardest part was all of the rejections I was getting, but I had a Zoom call with (coach Bowers) and he was just so encouraging. It’s a small campus but it is so modern, and the people and the teammates there are all great.”

Bongiovanni says she can’t wait to have her college experience, and she will get her first chance to hit the court again as a member of the Goldey-Beacom Lightning next fall.


David Church is a reporter covering Eloy, Arizona City and sports. He can be reached at

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