SAN TAN VALLEY — A Mesa woman is facing charges after she allegedly tried to start a fight with a neighbor.

According to Pinal County Superior Court records, Stefanne L. Kohl, 27, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

According to court records, Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to a possible fight at 10:22 p.m. on Dec. 31 in the 5100 block of East Captain Call Lane. Witnesses at the scene told deputies that Kohl was allegedly driving recklessly, hitting objects and almost hitting people. She allegedly stopped her vehicle and tried to hit a neighbor with her car door and started cursing and yelling at the neighbor.

A friend of Kohl’s arrived, broke up the fight and put her in the passenger side front seat of her car, where she fell asleep. She woke up and then allegedly tried to restart the fight by getting out of the vehicle and charging the neighbor.

The friend put Kohl back into the passenger seat of the vehicle, which is where deputies found her. Deputies noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from Kohl and that she had red, watery eyes as they spoke with her. They also noted three open alcoholic beverage containers in the backseat of the vehicle.

As deputies were talking with her, Kohl allegedly tried to close the car door, striking one of the deputies. She also allegedly refused commands to get out of the vehicle. When deputies pulled her from the vehicle, she allegedly started spitting and kicking at them.

Deputies restrained her legs and put a spit mask on her face. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene when Kohl said she could not breathe because of asthma. The medical personnel cleared her and deputies removed the mask.

In the meantime, Kohl allegedly managed to get one of her feet free from the restraints and kicked a deputy in the back of his right knee, almost causing the deputy to fall. Deputies started to restrain her feet again, when Kohl allegedly promised not to kick them again. She was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle without the restraint and transported to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Ironwood Substation. At the substation, Kohl allegedly refused to get out of the patrol vehicle and kicked the same deputy in the left knee.

Kohl was eventually booked into the Pinal County jail.


Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa is a reporter covering the city of Casa Grande and the surrounding area, as well as Central Arizona College. She can be reached at