FLORENCE — Darrell Stock, 75, of San Tan Valley has pleaded guilty to two of six child molestation charges against him in a plea arrangement.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 28 for his crimes.

Stock was arrested in late May on six sexual violations against children, all Class 2 felonies. He was charged with five counts of molestation of a child and one count of sexual conduct with a minor. There are two victims under the age of 15 named in the indictment against him.

All of the offenses are believed to have taken place in San Tan Valley from October 2015 to May 2019.

The amended charges against Stock were lowered in the plea agreement to two counts of attempted molestation of a child.

According to the July 2 plea agreement, all of the charges are Class 3 felonies, with a presumptive sentence of 10 years and a sentencing range of five to 15 years.

Pinal County Superior Court Judge Patrick Gard will sentence Stock, and he is likely to spend the rest of his life, after release, on probation.

At the age of 75, he would be released at 85 if sentenced to the presumptive 10-year term for the crime.

Stock has no prior felony convictions, according to court records, and he remains in the Pinal County Adult Detention Center without bond.


Jim Headley is a reporter covering breaking news, crime and justice around Pinal County. He can be reached at jheadley@pinalcentral.com.