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CASA GRANDE — The number of active registered voters in Pinal County increased by more than 4,000 in three months, according to new state data.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office figures for the month of October show voter registrations in Pinal County increased from 210,211 voters in July to 214,532 in October.

Republicans saw the greatest increase, with 1,989 new voters signing up. Voters registering as “other,” or not picking a particular party to align with, were second in line with an increase of 1,229 new voters. Democrats saw the smallest increase with 1,088 new voters signing up.

Pinal County Recorder Virginia Ross attributed most of the growth to new residents moving into the county. Ross said the county has had an increase of nearly 12,000 new registered voters since last year. Nearly half of those new voters registered as Republicans, she said. The remaining 6,000 new voters were split nearly equally between those registering as Democrat and those registering with no party.

Despite the increases, the top three registration categories are fairly evenly split in the county, with 36.3% of registered voters in the county identifying with no party, 36.1% registering as Republican and 26.69% registered as Democrats.

Statewide, voter registration is up, with 54,033 new voters registering between April and October. Democrats saw the largest increase in new voters with 21,402 registering with the party. Republicans had an increase of 17,692 new voters, and 14,703 new voters didn’t register with any party.

The top three categories in the state are also split similarly with voters identifying with no party making up nearly 35% of registered voters, Republicans 33% and Democrats 31%.

October 2019 voter registration figures

Party July October Change
Democrats 1,185,612 1,207,014 21,402
Green 6,420 6,406 -14
Libertarian 32,258 32,508 250
Republican 1,329,409 1,347,101 17,692
Other 1,267,340 1,282,043 14,703
Total 3,821,039 3,875,072 54,033
Pinal County
Democrats 56,162 57,250 1,088
Green 294 307 13
Libertarian 1,602 1,604 2
Republican 75,453 77,442 1,989
Other 76,700 77,929 1,229
Total 210,211 214,532 4,321
Casa Grande 2019
Democrats 9,666
Green 29
Libertarian 168
Republican 10,210
Other 11,840
Total 31,913

Ross expects to see the number of new voters registering to increase as the November 2020 presidential election gets closer.

In preparation for that increase, Ross’ office has planned a voter outreach campaign that includes a mobile van that will be visiting different communities in the county to make it easier for residents to sign up to vote. New residents can also register to vote online at or print off a voter registration form from the Secretary of State’s Office website and mail it into the Pinal County Recorder’s Office. New residents can also register in person at the Pinal County Recorder’s Office or when they apply for a new driver’s license at an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office.