What does it look like to take something old and make it new again? That’s what we set out to explore nearly three months ago when our Pinal Ways team began discussing the theme for our winter issue.

I never expected to find as many examples as we did of reinvention in our own backyard. Whether it’s historic buildings that have found a new purpose or activities from previous decades that are making a comeback, revitalization can take varied shapes and forms.

Our county is home to many who have found a way to blow the metaphorical — or in some cases literal — dust off something others might have abandoned as outdated and found a way to breathe new life into it. Among the most interesting parts of putting together this issue was hearing the varied reasons why these individuals take on revitalization projects that often require countless hours of planning, labor and investment. I enjoyed listening to and reading about these reasons. And I hope you will too.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working on this season’s issue, it’s that there’s a real power behind imbuing a historic object or place, or even a hobby others might consider as “long gone” or a fad of the past, with a freshness that enriches the lives of others and the surrounding community.

The places, people and activities featured here have managed to do exactly that.

If you picked up a hard copy of this issue, you might have also noticed that Pinal Ways has a new look. As luck would have it, this issue turned out to be the ideal time for Pinal Ways to undergo its own reinvention process.

Since the mid-1960s Pinal Ways has been chronicling the history of Pinal County and what makes it unique across no less than 107 editions spanning decades.

Over that time, the magazine underwent several redesigns — each seeking to modernize the overall look and feel of the publication.

We knew that we wanted to preserve the recognizable elements of Pinal Ways when taking on this redesign while also making our logo and style elements relatable to readers in 2020.

Another major change we made for this edition was welcoming photo submissions for our Pinal in Pictures section. It is our hope that you enjoy viewing those photos that have been selected here and checking out the full gallery at PinalCentral.com. We received lots of submissions from many talented photographers and classic car enthusiasts alike.

Finally, as we wind down what has no doubt been a challenging year, I’m optimistic that you might see the stories covered here as a source of inspiration as we head into a new year.

Happy Holidays!