CASA GRANDE -- Within the next six to 12 months, crews are to begin construction on a new Aldi Grocery Store in Casa Grande. East of Walmart on East Florence Boulevard, it will soon be home to the latest addition to shopping options for residents in the area.

Although the Phoenix region has plenty of Aldi stores, the chain has yet to reach anywhere else in Arizona. Aldi is a large chain, found in 36 states, and is known for its low prices. The chain avoids brand names, creating a shopping experience that forgoes many expenses.

Aldi was founded in Germany, making it unusual in comparison to other grocers in the States such as Kroger and Safeway. One of Aldi’s most distinct attributes, aside from low pricing, is its cart system.

When customers arrive at the store, they insert a quarter into their shopping cart and it unlocks, granting them access for their visit. Once their shopping is complete, customers return their own cart by locking it in place. When the cart is secure, the quarter they deposited at the beginning of their visit is returned to them.

The carts are just one example of ways the grocer has cut overhead costs, making the low-price shopping experience more feasible. 

In addition to this distinct cart experience, customers will find low prices for natural and organic foods, something that is often highly priced at competing stores.

Casa Grande City Planner James Gagliardi touched on the fact that although the company has not indicated when it plans to begin construction, work is anticipated to begin sometime within the next year. 

“The store is planned to be 20,442 square feet and they are proposing a modern design for the architecture," he said. "The applicant has not indicated when they anticipate beginning construction, but often a Major Site Plan is submitted for consideration when an applicant is intending to go forward with the project within a year." 

The company submitted the major site plan for the Casa Grande Aldi location earlier this year. 

Gagliardi indicated that plans are still relatively unknown in terms of distinct detail for the store, yet he mentioned that the surrounding lot will likely be home to additional developments.

“Because of this timing (the property being sold to Aldi is part of a larger parcel where portions are also being sold to Whataburger and a multifamily project), the area has been master planned, in a sense, to provide shared access (and) circulation among each of the uses,” Gagliardi said.

Aldi isn't the only grocer that has decided to open a new location in Pinal County either. Sprouts Farmers Market opened a new location in Maricopa's Sonoran Creek Marketplace near the end of August. 

The grocery chain's mission is to make healthy living more affordable. Sprouts offers a selection of fresh, all natural and organic foods at prices typically lower compared to other natural grocers. 

While there are currently more than 40 Sprouts across Arizona, the Maricopa store is the company's first Pinal County location. 


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