Ida Zertuche and three other ladies have a standing appointment between 7:30 and 8 every Friday morning to chat, laugh and share their lives.

Amid all that, Zertuche also does their hair. “Two of them are sisters and there is the other lady. We just take turns doing it. It’s very quaint. There’s no drama, no stress and everybody gets along with everybody. Sometimes I’m doing a perm or doing a style or a cut. I’m multitasking,” Zertuche said.

She also does the hair for many other people in Casa Grande and the area from the salon Hair Affair she’s owned and operated since 1979.

Zertuche, who moved from Texas to Casa Grande as a 7-year-old in 1956, had cut friends’ hair on the side but on a wild hair in 1972 decided to make it a career. She went to a beauty school in Casa Grande and soon enough earned her cosmetology license.

“I’ve always been real good with hair and I decided to go to beauty school after I had my two girls,” she recalled. “My first job was on Jimmie Kerr Boulevard in a trailer home. The owner sold the business and I went to 809 N. Olive, where Sabra Jones had Hair Affair.

“That was in the middle-’70s, and in 1979 she decided to sell the business to me. I was there until 1985 and I moved here to Kerr Plaza and Jimmie and Donna built this new addition and he asked me if I wanted to relocate and I said yes. I’ve been in this location come this January 2020 for 35 years. They’ve been wonderful to me,” she said of the Kerrs.

As with any business, hair styling has to adjust with the times and Zertuche has kept up with the trends, however challenging they might be.

“The hottest thing right now is doing highlights and the different colors and the flat iron,” she said. “That’s why you take classes. I take classes to try to stay up with the (current fashions). Sometimes they bring you pictures. You never stop learning but the same thing comes back. The bob — I still do shampoos and sets, roller sets. Very few people in town like to do the roller sets. I do have a young clientele but I also have an older clientele. I have four ladies that I’ve been doing for over 40 years, and I’ve been doing some for over 35 years.”

Zertuche also cuts and styles men’s hair, and her most difficult cut is the old-fashioned bob.

“There’s so many ways to do it. Sometimes I can do a great bob and sometimes I can’t, so I’m very honest with my clients when they come in. I’ve gone to classes for that. It’s my hardest cut to do. I can do a long-layer cut, a short cut, spiky cut, which is really in. I do a lot of razor cuts. Some of the stylists don’t like to do razor cuts, but I’m very good at razor cuts,” Zertuche said.

Hair Affair, at 517 E. Florence Blvd., is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and after hours by appointment at 520-836-0636.