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A private “audit” ordered by the Arizona Senate confirmed the official results of last year’s presidential election in Maricopa County — that former President Donald Trump lost. But no surprise, Trump still claims fraud. It’s time for closure.

The results handed over to Republican legislators after a Maricopa County hand count found slightly different totals, specifically that Biden actually won the state by 10,817 votes instead of 10,457. It would be nice to have perfect vote counting, but the slight discrepancy basically shows that the system worked. That is comforting, but it also gives pause to the idea of major changes in the way elections are run as proposed by national Democrats.

Of course, many people have criticized the work of the Cyber Ninjas contractor over a too-long period, and the original count may be more accurate.

Details continue to emerge about the way Trump was treated since 2016, including the Russian collusion fraud that was perpetrated by his opponent’s campaign, government officials and the media. Trump’s personality is not compatible with being attacked or losing. But that does not excuse failure to accept the results of an election. Our system is based on holding fair elections and accepting the results.

This nation has serious problems. To name a few: chaos at the border, out-of-control spending, efforts to have the federal government claw deeper into people’s lives and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The pandemic continues, but two presidents have worked hard to solve it and that is happening with the help of multiple vaccines.

Democrats have been winning some elections by linking their opponents to Trump. The fact is that many people in Washington need to be replaced, and that will not happen by denying the results of 2020. More Republicans need to join their colleagues who already have moved on.

— Donovan Kramer Jr.


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