CAVIT students get up close with opportunities for their careers during CAVITCon.

Career exploration is the specialty of Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology (CAVIT). With seventeen technical programs to choose from, students have access to countless career paths right at their fingertips. And with the wide variety of courses offered, a student may ask themself: “How do I know if the career I chose is right for me?” CAVITCon’s purpose is to help answer that question.

CAVITCon is a monthly event that enhances the school’s ability to show students different careers inside and outside their chosen program of study. Students are given a road map with a list of fifteen different careers along with the corresponding instructors’ room numbers. Students choose two careers and are free to leave their classroom and attend the department workshops.

CAVITCon has become a favorite among students as they learn about careers and get to participate in hands-on activities. Health Care instructor Tiffany Brown says the best part of the event for the students is the activity. She says, “Students should choose careers that align with something they are interested in.” The hands-on activity is an excellent way for students to get a taste of their prospective careers. Ms. Brown says, “[Students] are engaged because we do the activity.”

CTE specialist William Snyder, who is a critical component in the creation of CAVITCon, says, “Instead of us creating something from the ground up, we listen to our kids.” Then, it is up to the teachers to share their expertise and provide an activity. From there, students flock to their interests.

Mr. Snyder created a survey to gauge what the student population has to say about CAVITCon, and the success of CAVITCon among students shows through in the data. Mr. Snyder says, “Our survey found that more than 97% of the kids see the benefit of CAVITCon. They like it, enjoy it, and appreciate it!” That is an outstanding approval rating and solidifies the notion that the way CAVIT goes about career exploration is working.

The role teachers play during CAVITCon is vital. They create an environment that fosters the idea of welcomed change. The staff at CAVIT do not deny that teenagers’ interests can—and do—shift. Each of the teachers desires that their students make informed decisions about their careers. Ms. Brown remarks, “We always want [students] to have a passion for the career they choose. They all have different talents, and if we play on that with them, it will be the best career ever.”

Mr. Snyder commented that “CAVITCon either solidifies the choice of the program they already chose or opens up a conversion for us to have about other options.” He went on to say, “Kids have switched class choices based on their CAVITCon experience.” With supportive staff, students of CAVIT are free to broaden their horizons and listen to what speaks to them.

The introduction of CAVITCon has been a victory for both students and teachers alike. The campus is brought together in unity due to the integration of students and departments. In regards to this harmonization, Mr. Snyder says, “This campus-wide event has enhanced our school culture even more. We are a team.” This fantastic event continues to enlighten individual students and unite the whole student body.


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