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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

During the Sept. 3 Casa Grande City Council meeting, Spanish Trails West, an age-restricted community that proposes to market 195 ground-set manufactured homes on 5,000-square-foot lots, requested a zoning change. Prior zoning has been all over the place since 1999: R-4, R-1, PAD, R-1A, LDR, MDR-1.

Current zoning is R-1 and the request was to change the zoning to Planned Area Development, or PAD. The appropriate zoning is R-4, which is specifically designed for manufactured homes on medium-density lots.

PAD zoning is the most frequently used zoning by far with developers as it allows them to build various-size homes and accomplish creative approaches, efficient, aesthetic and desirable development. Six thousand square feet is the minimum lot size. For each PAD lot of less than 7,000 square feet, an equal number of over-8,000-square-foot lots are required to create spatial diversity.

The mayor and council, less me, voted to change the Spanish Trails West zoning to PAD instead of the appropriate R-4. Council has created a dangerous precedent for future PAD developers to request the same treatment granted to Spanish Trails West. Can PAD developers now build 5,000-square-foot lots even though 6,000 is the minimum size? Can they ignore the PAD requirement that for any lot under 7,000 square feet, an equal number of over-8,000-square-foot lots are required? Appropriate zoning is an art form that creates well-planned and consistently applied reason in the creation of community.

The letter represents Dick Powell’s personal opinion only!

Dick Powell

Casa Grande