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In the June 11 edition of the Florence Reminder it was reported on the online forum that the various candidates for mayor of Florence spoke. Our present mayor Tara Walter told that the town council had offered the Florence Copper Project an “Olive Branch” which was to supposedly soften the friction between the town and Florence Copper.

If my memory certainly correct I believe prior to this so-called olive branch Florence Copper had prevailed once again in court against the Town of Florence and in doing so had been awarded a judgment against the town of $1.7 million under Arizona law to reimburse Florence Copper for their expenses and fighting at that time the latest lawsuit filed by the Town. Shortly after the Town offered the so-called “Olive Branch.” This ultimatum was given to the defendants with the proviso that it was non-negotiable and would dissolve 45 days later. It is my understanding that Florence Copper responded negatively to this offer.

It is my opinion that in the coming primary election that the voters study very carefully the qualifications and opinions of those who would be the next Mayor of Florence. Enough is enough. Let’s quit wasting taxpayer money on lawsuits which have gone no place in order to stop this particular industry. Let’s do something about revitalizing the original town.

Harvey Zilm