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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

There’s no doubt that those of us who did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 believed we were justified. We had no confidence in his abilities, integrity or motivation to lead our nation. We now feel our worst worries have been horribly borne out.

This space does not allow for even the tiniest fraction of listing the numerous lies and scandals. The time span between previously unseen dishonest and unethical episodes is mind bogglingly short and leaves us breathless. Just this week alone, he personally attacked non-partisan career diplomats for speaking the truth and claimed credit for opening an Apple Inc. plant that actually began operation in 2013.

Those of us who are military veterans are shocked and appalled at the betrayal of our allies on the battlefield, the humiliation of a decorated U.S. Army officer in uniform and the theft of funds approved for military infrastructure now being used to build a border wall that was to be paid for by Mexico. U.S. assistance to allies under attack is now contingent on personal political favors. America is ever more friendly with nations run by murderous autocrats and enemies of democracy — this list includes Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

We are horrified to watch the mainstream GOP use talking points that come directly from Vladimir Putin in their defense of Trump’s coercion and bribery.

We are the majority of Americans, we love our country and we are worried but not afraid. We are energized and organizing to make sure our nation, once again, becomes a beacon for those who hunger for the rule of law, honest government and American values that have stood the test of time from 1776 to 2019!

Ralph Atchue