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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

During the last 40 years, three West Coast states, California, Oregon and Washington, all have been controlled by one political party.

That being the Democratic Party of each state. For them to remain in power, it was important for the political machines to pander to interest groups. One of the most powerful and influential groups was the environmentalists. This group maintained that certain species that live in the forest are endangered, that without state protection and regulation that these species could not survive.

So for the last 40 years, these forests have had a massive tinder buildup on the floors, in some places as high as 6 feet, now compressed into just a couple feet. In doing so, a disaster was in the making. Sooner or later, with all of this tinder on the floor, a fire or fires were going to happen.

It does not make any difference how the fires start, lightning strikes, human caused, the end results will be the same. Loss of human life, and the very forest dwellers the environmentalists claimed were an endangered species, now have been destroyed in these fires. The animals have no place to go. Some species may have been lost forever.

In addition to the loss of life of humans and wildlife, the financial cost is enormous. The states involved with the fires are on the brink of bankruptcy, caused by a socialist agenda, high taxes, providing support to illegals, needless regulations, such as cost of environmental controls on automobiles, which adds thousands of dollars of cost to purchasers. Highest fuel tax in the nation, and the list goes on.

No wonder businesses and people are moving out of those states. They have wised up to the game.

For those who are relocating to my state of Arizona, leave your socialist ideas where you came from.

Ed Van Blaricum

Casa Grande


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