Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Mark Kelly has all the answers, just ask him! He got great press coverage with a front page article on how he wants to make Congress more bipartisan. Well, Mark, that's strange because the House is controlled by Democrats and the Senate by Republicans, so how much more "bipartisan" can you get?

He states that the way to prepare for a pandemic is to make sure health care workers have enough protective gear to keep themselves safe! Well, Mark, you should take that thought and tell it to the same state governors and big city mayors, like de Blasio and others, who are trying to blame the federal government for their own ineptitude in not preparing for a catastrophe like this virus when they knew it was coming months before and did nothing!

He states the "country needs an economy that works for everyone." Well, we had that until this mess showed up. Now we have petty dictators like Whitmer, governor of Michigan, roping off the paint and hardware sections of general stores and threatening people with arrest!

Kelly states the same old tired promises, so general and vague, with no specifics of how to accomplish them. Education, "the middle and working class" (are those two different groups?), "health insurance that's affordable" (wasn't that supposed to be Obamacare?), "every child should have access to a good education," so he supports charter schools? These are all the same things they all say and then like our local representative, disappear except at election time.

What experience does Kelly have outside of being married to a former congresswoman? Has he been a mayor, a state representative, state senator, federal House member? No, he was an astronaut!

We do not need a rookie robot as our senator.

Brad Marsh

Casa Grande