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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

All of a sudden, voting by mail around the country, including Arizona, has become a hot issue. Yet at least 73% of voters in Pinal county vote by mail and have consistently done so for some time. It is very reliable. Attached to your prepaid-postage ballot you are given a tear-off receipt, where you may go online and follow up to see if your ballot was received. How much more reliable can that be? You receive checks, driver's licenses and legal documents by mail, why not ballots? Oregon has gone to all mail in ballots. It is definitely constitutional and legal. We are worried that in November there may be a resurgence of the virus along with our regular flu season. Many poll workers are of an age that puts them at high risk for the flu and COVID. We learned this in March with the presidential preference election when poll workers, concerned about health risks, didn't show to work the polls.

There is concern that this could cause some poll locations to close and many voters to be inconvenienced. Save yourself a trip. Why risk it? What if you become ill, or are caring for a family member or can't get off from work, or have an emergency of some kind on Election Day? Exercise your most precious right and vote from your couch, in your pajamas if you choose. It's your right. Remember, voting is the most patriotic thing you will ever do. Sign up to vote by mail today at servicearizona.com.

Sharon Girard


The writer is a Democratic candidate for the state House in Legislative District 8.