Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The Party of Trump, aka GOP, has taken their ridiculous ranting well beyond mere sour grapes at having been soundly defeated at the polls. They’re willing to undermine the only underpinning a democracy has — voter confidence in the elective process.

LD11’s state Rep. Mark Finchem is joining the Trump circus car of misfits as they claim election fraud in front of TV cameras but produce no evidence in courts of law. Finchem holds non-official “hearings” intended to publicize the lies of fools. Yelling and screaming about nonexistent irregularities with no documentation is being eviscerated by judges but probably playing well with a base of naive voters. The net result is a denigration of American democracy.

The AZ GOP has taken another step toward weakening election integrity by naming newly elected state Rep. Jake Hoffman, R-LD12, as the vice chair of the Government and Elections Committee. Hoffman has been outed as his Rally Forge digital marketing firm helped set up fake personas used to spread false election and COVID-19 information on social media. This elected official helps disseminate lies to voters and the GOP rewards him with a leadership position overseeing Arizona elections.

As we watch with dismay a defeated but spiteful and vindictive president spew false election claims, the AZ GOP is actively co-signing the worst of it. Never in our history have we witnessed a political party willing to burn down democracy because they’re unhappy with election results. In 2016 Democrats were unhappy but never took steps to undermine the will of voters. The ensuing investigations into foreign election interference never called into question any votes actually cast. Despite razor thin margins, Hillary Clinton put country first and conceded. 2020 is a whole new chapter in what may eventually be the undoing of American democracy. How will history judge us?

Carole Clark

Chair Emeritus

Democrats of Casa Grande