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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The overall concerns of the many year-round citizens within the Casa Grande, Eloy and Arizona City areas are with regard to the yearly arrival of the snowbirds and their continuously rude, ongoing discourtesy, and their self-demonstrated sense of entitlement, ahead of those of us who reside here in this Tri-City area, 24/7-365.

These snowbirds are not, from my point of view, being anything close to genuinely courteous visitors of this area.

These snowbirds bring to this area their excessively bad driving habits, their self-expression of being entitled to that, which they have not earned in earnest, based upon their merits of the earning.

These snowbirds continually strip the shelves and grocery bins bare of foodstuffs by the caseload and by the several packages load. These snowbirds are not back in their non-Arizona home states, where there is ongoing inclement weather on a reoccurring basis.

It is ever so apparent that the management staff of the stores that have not closed up and gone elsewhere do bend over backward for these snowbirds at every opportunity.

W.S. Lester

Arizona City