Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

This is an open letter to the DOD, VA Health Care System and all politicians pretending to care about veterans, especially combat veterans:

I have kept my opinions offline when it comes to how my son, who is a combat veteran, has been treated by the very system that promised him all great things for serving his country. He answered your call, time and time again, when you asked him to give more and more and more. He went above and beyond to stand up to a threat while you hid in your air-conditioned offices making deals that would benefit you and your war machine vendors. He answered your call, and in return you won't answer his. You put him on hold or ask him to leave a message that will never be answered.

You give yourselves raises in the middle of the night when you think your constituents won't notice. I noticed. You made promises you had no intention of keeping. I noticed. You got richer from the kickbacks your sponsors gave you if you would only vote the way they wanted you to, so they could make more money than 10 generations of their hideous progeny could spend. I noticed that too.

I notice my son struggling with pain while you lost his records over and over and over. I noticed when it took six years to get answers. 

There isn't anything I can put online that is worse than what any of you have professed online, in the media and in the town halls you think make you look like a caring individual. I do not believe my vote counts because I can't afford to buy a politician, but I will continue to put it out there just to vote against every last one of you sitting in your high posts. I am a mother and I am angry!

Terri Daniels

Casa Grande