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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The 40-hour work week; safety rules; fair wages; protections from unfair discipline and firing; fighting workplace discrimination; health care and retirement benefits; a voice in product quality and employee training: These are among the ways organized labor represents the rights and prosperity of American workers. As a longtime member of the Pipefitters Union, I speak from personal experience.

Tuesday’s letter writer mentions the so-called Right to Work (Right to Starve) law. This statute is actually the way “big business” enforces keeping workers from representation and protections. While most industries continuously collude on wages and pricing, workers are blocked from their right to collectively bargain and negotiate benefits.

The writer implies that the collection of union dues is some kind of fraud. Again, workers are up against big money from “big business." Fighting legal battles and lobbying on behalf of employees is expensive. Across America, workers have seen wage and benefit increases only because unions fought for them — the dues collected have paid huge dividends, even for non-union workers. Thanks to organized labor, all workers have prospered.

Remember the days when union work was considered the gold standard for quality? As union membership has gone down, so has the quality of work in every industry. Union members have always been the best trained, they take pride in their profession and pass along their skill and attitude to the next generation of American workers through their apprenticeship programs. Union labor is still the gold standard.

Conservative talking points clearly demonstrate their fear of an informed and organized workforce. Organized workers are a force for a fair and prosperous American economy.

Mike Hurley

Arizona City


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Ralph Atchue

I'm also a long time Union member. Organized Labor has afforded American workers a voice in their workplace, society and the economy. #UnionStrong means more than merely wages and benefits - it is the vehicle for a fair and equitable prosperity for us all.

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