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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

In his editorial “Our View” (Dispatch, Sept. 28), the Dispatch editor makes an important point. He says, “More Republicans need to join their colleagues who have already moved on" from the denial of the results of the 2020 election. At last count, two-thirds of Republicans have not moved on.

The editor says, “Our system is based on holding fair elections and accepting the results.” He says that while Trump still claims fraud in spite of the results of the “audit,” that showed the system worked. The editor knows that the system worked well for decades and decades without private “audits” or recent Republican voter suppression laws brought about only by Trump’s loss and his “Big Lie.” He knows that Democrats are now trying to reverse those laws at the federal level, but says they are making “major changes in the way elections are run,” implying sinister intent.

While stating there is no excuse for failure to accept the results of an election, the editor attempts to excuse Trump’s actions by noting he was treated badly in the campaign and in office. The editor can’t have it both ways. No presidents are treated well by their campaign opponents, government officials or the media — just look at Biden. But no other president in the history of our country has ever endangered the proper working of the system by refusing to accept a peaceful transfer of power or plotting to hold onto presidential power after losing the election. Trump’s actions show that he will never accept closure nor encourage his followers to do so.

I call on the editor to “move on” by publicly condemning this former president’s actions, without equivocation, and strongly encouraging his followers to accept the results of the 2020 election.

Patricia Atchue



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