Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Once again, Donald Trump proved how little he respects women. He believes that women will unequivocally support a SCOTUS appointment based solely on gender. Gender is hardly the criteria upon which RBG’s shoes can be filled. He makes it perfectly clear that he has no understanding of what Ruth Bader Ginsburg meant to America. As a woman, and as an American citizen, I feel insulted and dismissed.

Justice Ginsburg was the champion and lioness who fought tirelessly and ferociously to defend the dignity and rights of every American. For her to be unethically replaced by anyone who takes a completely opposite view is an outrage and an affront to every American.

Let’s be clear about what’s at stake for the next several generations of Americans. Women will lose the right to choose, be subjected to dominance by a minority religious opinion and be kept from employment and economic equality. Despite overwhelming support for the Affordable Care Act — the only line of defense for pre-existing conditions and keeping 10s of millions covered, it will be lost with no plan to replace it. American workers and consumers will lose protections and the right to participate in the economy they drive. The march toward increased voter suppression will escalate with further gutting of the Voting Rights Act. The shift toward autocracy and theocracy will undermine and dilute democracy beyond recognition. Any hope of sensible gun safety or environmental reform will be dead on arrival. Racial injustice will continue unabated.

I’m a woman who believes in much more than an insincere nod toward gender. I would ask that the Senate do the same. I’m a woman who believes America needs a Ruth Bader Ginsburg fighting on our behalf.

Stephanie Seigla

Casa Grande


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