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The last election was decided in favor of one man who got more electoral votes than the other one did. While Trump continually spreads the "big lie" ad nauseum, some people continue to believe him, which is unfortunate. I always thought that after a presidential election, some were happy and others weren’t, but we always settled our differences and waited for the next election. Not anymore. We have become a nation of crybabies and if things don’t go our way, we are sure the other side cheated.

While Trump will visit the Country Thunder venue and continue to tell the big lie, we in Florence are faced with six or so street vendors selling Trump flags, T-shirts, etc. One of those items has a word that should offend everyone, but apparently some are proud of it. I won’t use the word but picture the phrase “fire truck” and remove all letters except the first and the final three and you will see what I mean. A kid in high school would be given detention or sent home if they used it but some people see it as a badge of honor (and two of the vendors are just down the street from the high school).

What kind of message is our town sending the rest of the world? Why is it OK to disparage the president with a phrase that you could not say in church? I would suggest that some of these supporters wear that T-shirt to church and see what kind of reception they receive. Of course they won’t. Maybe you should put it on when your grandchildren are visiting so they can see your dedication.

I would hope the town would address the issue of obscene language being used and sold on the streets. This is our town too and we should be proud of it.

Steve West, Florence


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John Trainor

Well said, Mr. West on all counts. It amazes me that people still attend those rallies and still donate money to this billionaire. This twice-impeached ex-president has sanctified coarseness and violence and undermined every democratic institution in our country for personal political and monetary gain. As long as people support him he will continue to do what he does. Thank you for speaking out.

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