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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Are Trump’s supporters not going to change their minds? What if this outbreak continues on to 2021? Or, what if something else happens? I honestly don’t think he’s handled this situation very well, but if anyone begs to differ? Go ahead. Argue with me. He’s made enough harmful comments that have gotten enough people killed. I don’t want to sound crazy, but what if he engages us in an unneeded war? Or he decides to give himself more power? The Republicans have backed him up so many times that it’s very likely they’ll do it again. Are we ready for that? For him to abuse more power? To try to become some kind of absolute monarch?

This is a democracy. And he is abusing it. He has made the U.S. shameful with his putrid acts. How much more can we handle? How much more damage will he cause? And I can just tell you, it wouldn’t just be on us. It will be on the world. We don’t have time for someone who hates free speech and equality, and thinks global warming isn’t real. But wait, he does know it’s real. He just doesn’t care. All he cares about is money and power. Is that what the U.S. is about?

Zak Edwards