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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Just received a handful of mail. There’s a new book, my electric bill, a few pieces of junk mail and my bank statement. Some days I get Netflix DVDs and, around holidays, cards from my kids and grandkids and friends. At voting time I also get a voter’s guide and my ballot. Later I will be dropping off something — mailing a check to pay a bill, or sending a small package to my brother in Florida, or mailing out my ballot. All of this I get at minimal cost and minimal personal effort.

So I was astounded when I learned that President Trump and state Sen. Vince Leach do not support the United States Postal Service. They are opposed to including it in the national COVID-19 bailout and would rather have it fail.

Some say it is because they fear voting by mail will increase voting and that will benefit Democrats. Others say Trump and Leach wish to privatize mail delivery along with public schools and prisons and Social Security. Privatization is what happens when people who do not really believe in public service and democratic government get themselves elected to public office. That usually happens when fewer people vote. Kapeech?

Americans need to support the USPS as we support our military, our fire and police and our public schools. These institutions and others served our country long before Trump and Leach decided government should serve corporate America and big money. Trump and Leach will be forgotten. The institutions that actually do something to make our lives better will go on to serve us and all who come after as long as we support them by voting for people who really do believe in public service and democratic government.

John Trainor