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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Arizona has nine U.S. congressional representatives. This past week, each of them had an opportunity to vote on a bill that would make a direct, quick and positive impact on our state’s economy and quality of life. Thankfully, the bill passed. The four Republicans all voted against while the five Democrats voted in favor. I believe the GOP members were wrong and deliberately ignored the needs of Arizona!

Here’s what the new infrastructure bill invests in: repair and replacement of roads and bridges; improvements to the electrical grid; railway repairs; improved and expanded broadband, especially in rural areas; climate resiliency; modernization of airports; technology for electric vehicles and charging.

Why would anyone not support these overdue investments in America? Why would any Arizona representatives say no to our state’s families, communities and businesses on matters so critically in need? The answer is simple — Arizona's GOP has become nothing but a cult of obstruction and power. They’ve stopped working for their constituents and become solely committed to partisan glut! They have, in fact, begun to punish members of their own party who voted to enact this legislation that benefits Americans of every walk of life.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank every U.S. House and Senate member who supported the infrastructure bill. Included are every Arizona Democratic member: Tom O’Halleran, Ann Kirkpatrick, Greg Stanton, Ruben Gallego, Raul Grijalva, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly. It’s time we choose the party willing to work for us!

Patricia Atchue



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I agree! Instead of wearing flags draped all over our bodies and big showings of how "patriotic" we are, Democrats show what kind of people they are by their actions. I'm proud to be a Democrat.

John Trainor

It is sad that Republicans punish elected members of their own party who dare to work for our state and country. Well said, Pat. We add our thanks to all Democrats who have worked so hard against Republican obstruction to accomplish so much.

Ralph Atchue

With so many problems facing our nation today, I agree with Patricia - Thank you Democrats for working to find solutions. The Biden administration is showing America what true leadership looks like!

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