Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I cannot support Vince Leach for reelection to the Arizona Senate. His decision not to attend any debate with the Democratic candidate seeking the LD11 Senate seat was cowardly and a dereliction of his duty to his constituents.

I cannot support for public office any candidate who posted political cartoons that employed racist and QAnon images as Sen. Leach has done. This shows a lack of empathy and sensitivity for many of his constituents and a lack of commonsense and sound judgment expected of anyone who is charged with making our laws.

I cannot support Leach’s opposition to “KidsCare,” his opposition to the minimum wage, his support of “dark money” or his support of laws to weaken our ability to exercise our constitutional right to legislate through initiatives and referendums. Nor can I support his votes to fund religious schools with public school money.

I cannot support Leach’s active state preemption of local control through his vigorous enforcement of SB1487. Sen. Leach has threatened more cities and citizens with loss of state shared revenues than any other Arizona senator. (Online see AZAG’s report on SB 1487 “complaints.") His last threat was to the people of several Arizona cities when their mayors acted early and appropriately in response to the current pandemic, an official act with which Leach disagreed. Leach also opposed federal COVID-19 funds for states and cities.

It is time for a new senator in LD11. It’s time to elect JoAnna Mendoza. She’s a Marine combat veteran and mother who will fight for Arizona’s working families, improving public education and scientifically based decision making when it comes to infectious diseases and environmental protections. JoAnna’s all about getting problems solved and not divisive political ideology. Please vote for a new senator, please vote for JoAnna Mendoza!

Patricia Atchue



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