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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I believe in strong, rational gun laws. I grew up in Casa Grande hunting and fishing. I no longer hunt, but I do understand why others do. Here are some ideas that might be used to start the conversation we so desperately need to have. Of course, these suggestions would not apply to law enforcement agencies or the military.

1. Ban further sales of military-styled long guns, i.e., assault weapons. I’ve heard all the arguments against such a law. Regardless of the comparisons to hunting rifles of equal caliber, AR-15s are the weapon of choice for these lunatics that perpetrate mass shootings. No one needs an assault weapon to hunt.

2. Limit an individual's purchase and possession of ammunition to two boxes. Add a $5 charge to every box of ammo to help cover the cost of victims and their families of all gun violence in this country. If you need more ammo, load it yourself. (Ammo could be available for sale and use at gun ranges only. Sportsmen still may not carry more than the two-box minimum from the range.)

3. Ban the sale of large-capacity magazines. If you need more than five rounds to hit what you’re shooting at, get back to the range and practice.

4. To purchase any gun, require background checks, including psychological (no details, just a red or green flag), and a gun license earned by taking an NRA-approved gun safety course. (Remember when you heard NRA you thought of their gun safety courses first?)

5. Overturn open carry and concealed weapon laws. How does anyone really know what a person openly carrying a weapon intends to do with it?

6. Require all weapons in a home/car be unloaded and safely locked and stored. If investigation proves that a gun used in a crime/suicide/accident was improperly stored, then the owner of the gun should face felony charges. (I was taught there is no such thing as a gun accident.)

7. Crimes that are committed with guns and possession of an unlicensed or stolen gun should, after proper adjudication, carry a stringent prison sentence.

8. No more gun shows. Guns should be purchased from licensed dealers at licensed gun stores. I‘d like a qualified dealer to get a good look at the person buying a weapon.

Lewis Storey

Casa Grande

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