Dear Residents of Florence and surrounding towns: Thank you for your support of the 7th Annual Caliente Clowns Car Show, held on Saturday, March 14th. Even with the rain and the fear of the coronavirus on many of our minds, the drivers and passengers were very happy the show was not canceled.

We had a nice surprise visit from Police Chief Bruce Walls and his officers, and Councilwomen Michelle Cordes came dressed as a clown to assist us for the day. Pinal County Attorney's Office, San Tan Family Advocacy Center, CASA Adoption Coordinator and the CASA Car, Pinal County CASA Inc. and Department of Child Safety were also represented.

Thank you to Florence Copper, Mt. Athos Restaurant and The Pork Shop for your support and raffle prizes. The Senior Rodders Car Club in Apache Junction gave us a generous donation also. If we overlooked anyone we apologize, everyone is important to us.

We receive a lot of support from our Caliente and Five Parks community, and with everyone's support we are able to help many foster and abused children in Pinal County. Thank you again to everyone who attended the show, worked to put the show on, worked to empty the pond (inside joke), served the luncheon, set up before and cleaned up after.

It takes a village for this to be a success and the village made it all work. Thank you all again and keep smiling.

The Caliente Clowns