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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I would like to start by saying thank you, Rick Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a fifth grade teacher at Mesquite School and is helping solve my recycling issue.

When I first heard we were no longer recycling in Casa Grande, I was devastated — really. I could not make myself put my newspaper and other recyclables in the landfill. So they were neatly piled in our garage, hoping for a better solution than the landfill. I know that Mr. Wilson takes No. 1 plastics, recycles them and gives the money to the Casa Grande Food Bank. What awesome lessons he is teaching the students at Mesquite about concern for our environment and community service. On one occasion when I was delivering my plastics and bemoaning my paper situation, he gave me hope.

Mr. Wilson has been working with the city and a private company. Mesquite, Casa grande Middle School, McCartney Ranch and Desert Willow schools now have large blue bins where you can put your paper products for recycling. I did notice that at Mesquite School there are also bins for aluminum cans and No. 1 plastics.

I am truly grateful to Mr. Wilson, who does this on his own time besides being a full-time teacher. He is enabling all of us to be a little more responsible toward our environment.

Barbara Sundust

Casa Grande