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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

It's important to remember during these high-stakes negotiations in Congress that Arizona's decision makers must support investments that serve multiple purposes and which serve communities big and small. With this in mind, I urge Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to stand up for proposed funding for public transportation in the reconciliation bill. As someone who works in the apartment/rental industry, the $10 billion in competitive grants specifically aimed at connecting affordable housing and low-income communities with public transit will provide huge benefits. This means that people living in affordable housing outside city centers will be able to more easily reach good jobs in city centers. That's vital as Casa Grande continues to grow.

Public transportation, spurred by this grant program, will help tackle the dual challenges of unemployment and housing affordability. Merging our country's housing and transportation needs is a key step in addressing America’s housing crisis, and that mission is found only in the reconciliation bill, not the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Beyond jobs and housing, public transportation is also an investment in community well-being. It enables people who may not otherwise be able to travel to connect with friends and family, access services and reach school. Investing in public transit is one of the most important actions Congress can take to address inequities in our communities. Sen. Sinema should commit to investing in public transportation because it makes economic and social sense.

Michelle Rill

Casa Grande


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Ralph Atchue

Improvements to transportation. Medicare/Medicaid benefits, prescription drug costs, public education funding, childcare accessibility and so much more are in the Build Back Better and Infrastructure bills passed by House Democrats. AZ Senator Sinema must put the interests of working families ahead of an archaic procedural rule that the GOP is weaponizing in order to obstruct every single piece of legislation!

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