Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The story on Dec. 29 headlined “State GOP head files lawsuit to get Pence to decide election” is very biased and is not true journalism. A more appropriate location for this hit-piece would be on the opinion page if anywhere at all.

The article includes an unflattering picture of GOP Chair Kelli Ward, whereas pictures of Democrats/"progressives” usually show them smiling.

The article uses prejudicial language, such as “last ditch effort… despite popular vote giving Biden 10,457 more votes…” The number of votes cast for Mr. Biden is what is disputed, particularly votes cast in Maricopa County and the way that Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (who has called Trump supporters “Nazis”) has refused to cooperate with the state Legislature in investigating voting “irregularities” (possibly fraud).

The article also comments that “…the [plaintiff’s] lead Texas attorney William Sessions… was dismissed by President Clinton amid allegations of ethical improprieties.” Regarding Mr. Sessions' dismissal by then-President Clinton, circa 1993, aren’t people in the U.S. assumed to be innocent until proven guilty? “Allegations” is a prejudicial term, it is unclear whether Sessions was ever convicted of anything, but “allegations” contributes to the negative, prejudicial effect the writer, Howard Fischer, wanted to create.

I subscribed to the CG Dispatch hoping it would not contain biased reporting like the major Phoenix newspaper; however, this article (among others) has caused me to question editorial oversight (Mr. Fischer appears to have written this piece for Capitol Media Services) since the writer does not appear to be on the CG Dispatch staff. I hope you will be more careful in screening content, and if you decide to print something like this, place it in the “opinion” section where it would be more appropriate. Thank you.

C. Tolson