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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Trump and his fellow Republicans have asked the Supreme Court to completely invalidate the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Response from McSally: crickets! The GOP has no plan or intention to replace the ACA. If they succeed, some 23 million Americans would lose their health insurance in the middle of the worst worldwide pandemic in over 100 years. The most drastically impacted would be the most vulnerable Americans. The ACA is the only law that began and continues to protect Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. It is also the only law that allows families to keep their college student children covered. Once ACA is gone, so are those protections! Both Trump and McSally have been lying to us about their commitment on this issue. In my opinion, this makes both Trump and McSally traitors to American families.

I’m shocked at the GOP approach to the newly exploding COVID crisis, as they rush reopening rather than lifesaving priorities. Trump has pretty much washed his hands on the matter. Politically motivated GOP governors continue to put thousands of American lives at risk. Our Gov. Ducey has turned himself into a political pretzel. The net result is new infection rates setting daily records across Arizona and America.

The GOP proposal on police reform is nothing more than a few suggestions that could be easily ignored. They offer talking points rather than substantive solutions to a problem ripping America apart at the seams.

My point is that on so many fronts, the GOP has failed to govern. The once proud party has devolved into a cult of power grabbing and consolidation. The Party of Trump cannot be given another destructive term in office at any level! Our suffering America deserves better!

Bill Clark

Arizona City