As voters make their decision on Florence Mayor and Council candidates this November, they’ll undoubtedly judge the last four years as a success or failure.

If voters conclude Florence is thriving, business is booming and opportunities are boundless, they’ll reward incumbents.

Conversely, if voters conclude that Florence today is identical or worse to Florence four years ago, they’ll seek new leadership.

The current mayor of Florence, who was elected four years ago, paints a rosy picture of Florence.

Tara Walter points to “business applications” as evidence that her policies are working and creating economic opportunities.

But where are the businesses? Where are the jobs?

And when asked about her accomplishments, Mayor Walter cites “rent relief” as a successful form of economic development.

We want better than that for Florence. We want our future generations to stay in this area to work and to raise their families here for decades to come.

The current mayor and council leadership has not created tangible results. They squandered the opportunity to make Florence great.

It’s time for them to move on and try a different occupation.

It’s time for new leadership.

Time for policies that bring actual business and jobs, not virtual ones.

Tom and Sue Shaheen



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