Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Sen. Kelly, Sen. Sinema, Rep. O’Halleran: Please, I beg you, please do all you can to persuade the military to restore Lt. Col. Scheller's freedom and all his service benefits. It is a travesty to throw a 17-year military service hero, who served this country well, in the brig for speaking out against the botched rescue mission in Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of military soldiers. This only makes a bad situation critically worse for those family members who lost loved ones and have to see this injustice done against someone who had the guts to speak out for them! It’s like they also got thrown in the brig themselves! It is a travesty the military made a critical mistake in killing a family with a missile strike, including little children, based entirely on false intel.

I just don't understand how the Afghanistan rescue mission was an outstanding success, when known Americans were left behind, including people who assisted us there and are now facing torture and executions, which have already started to take place. I am extremely concerned about the negative direction our country is going and I am afraid it is headed for disaster, both morally and financially. America once used to be great prior to the Democrats taking control of our country. We now have a president who can't speak coherently or can't properly speak unless reading off a teleprompter, reading words written by who knows whom, and who can’t make proper decisions that affect American lives. As commander-in-chief, I hold Biden directly responsible for the American and Afghan ally deaths he caused! We are slipping down a path of socialism and communism. America is fast becoming no longer great again!

Philip Menne

Casa Grande


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