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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Please contact our senators and congressmen and ask them to not support the “Save Oak Flat” H.R. 1884 bill that has been proposed by Rep. Grijalva and the House Natural Resources Committee. This group of federal elected officials are trying to sneak this devastating legislation into the Reconciliation Bill.

We have learned that Rep. Grijalva and the House Natural Resources Committee have submitted the language for the “Save Oak Flat” into the House of Representatives Reconciliation Bill. The $3.2 trillion budget reconciliation package will bring tremendous opportunities for communities large and small, urban and rural across America. This bill if passed will need American copper to fulfill its intended benefits. The entire package being proposed in Washington, D.C., is critically important, and we want our elected officials to support it, but not with the poisoned pills added by the House Natural Resources Committee.

While the nightly headlines often talk of the negotiations taking place between America’s political parties in Congress, important details that will impact our lives in negative ways such as the “Save Oak Flat” bill often go unreported.

The addition of the Save Oak Flat Bill if approved will block any mining from the Oak Flat area, and essentially will kill any hope that Resolution Copper mine will open. There are additional amendments attached to this H.R. 1884 bill that will cripple all of the mining operations in our region.

A simple email will make a huge difference. Here is the contact information and I respectfully ask that you make your voice heard now:

The Honorable Senator Mark Kelly, Nick_Matiella@kelly.senate.gov; The Honorable Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Michelle_Davidson@sinema.senate.gov; The Honorable Representative Tom O’Halleran, sally.adams@mail.house.gov; The Honorable Representative Greg Stanton, seth.scott@mail.house.gov; The Honorable Representative Ann Kirkpatrick, abigail.obrien@mail.house.gov.

Mila Besich

Mayor of Superior


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