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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Supervisor Steve Miller, Board of Supervisors chair, apologized in a column (Dispatch, Sept. 9) to constituents after three members of the five-man board had voted down a $3.2 million federal grant to help the county with the COVID-19 pandemic. Miller attributed the vote to intentional misleading information provided by Supervisor Cavanaugh and to the term “equity.” He said he believed the issue of equity was the driving force behind the denial of the grant. A look at Cavanaugh’s column rebuttal (Dispatch, Sept. 21) confirms that.

Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh views “equity” as a “flawed political ideology.” He sees the grant as, “the continuation of a political movement that was a result of football players taking a knee to protest police brutality.”

“Equity” as defined by President Biden’s executive order, to which Cavanaugh referred, means "...the consistent and systematic fair, just and impartial treatment of all individuals..." The definition goes on to identify those individuals as minorities and groups who are commonly underserved or not treated fairly.

Based on his column, Supervisor Cavanaugh is opposed to federally supported fair treatment of all individuals because that does not conform to his own right-wing political ideology. Cavanaugh believes that through “equity” the federal government seeks to take control of local governments and to “turn Pinal citizens into a political product.” This is the stuff of conspiracies. Supervisor Cavanaugh appears to be more centered on his national, personal political ideology than on politically impartial service to the residents of Pinal County.

By contrast, Supervisor Miller says, “As an elected official, I am given the charge to represent my constituents, not to impose my personal beliefs or philosophy that would impede on a worthy opportunity for the people I represent.” As a constituent, I believe the board should reconsider the vote.

Nicholas Moorehouse

Casa Grande


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