Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Well, my world is collapsing around me. The Dispatch is no longer coming to my door daily.

I understand the need for the Dispatch to stay alive by integrating into the online business. Not that I like that but business is business.

My dogs', since they were puppies, first order of the day was to get the Dispatch and bring it in. How do I tell them they have been forgotten by the technology of today? Maybe they can chase the rabbits now that I forbade them to do in the past. Perhaps I can train them to fetch the packages my wife orders online. They don't particularly like the UPS drivers though. They definitely don't like the FedEx guy.

And what about my crossword puzzles?

For years I have looked forward to the crossword puzzles. In today's paper there are two puzzles, making up for the lack of a daily puzzle. So now the answers for today's puzzles are right next to tomorrow's puzzle. I think this encourages cheating, not that I need to cheat.

Anyway, I don't like getting online to read my paper and drink my coffee. I'm not sure my dogs will like it either.

I hope the Dispatch will survive and continue its excellent news service.

Mark Bogan

Casa Grande

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