Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I was a civil rights leader in the past and I taught minority children for over 40 years. I loved them and I think most of them cared about me. After all, I was Teacher of the Year twice. But this letter is not about me, it's about equity, equal rights and acceptance of the people around us so that we can not only get along but enjoy and appreciate our diversities. Let's take a look at the equity and togetherness supported by the people of the United States.

Our government wants to pay off farm loans of minority farmers. White people are not eligible no matter how dire their financial condition. Is this creating and promoting equity and togetherness?

Our government provides low-interest loans for minorities to start businesses. Whites cannot apply for this particular loan program no matter how impoverished they are. Is this creating and promoting equity?

When I went to a Native American casino event, I was not allowed to sit in the front. The first 200 seats were reserved for Native Americans. I had to sit in the back. I was allowed to sneak up to or near the front if there were any empty seats after the concert started. Is this creating and promoting equity?

In Casa Grande, I asked an organization to sponsor a multicultural activity. I was told it was against their guidelines and that it was better if people of another race did their own thing. Is this creating and promoting equity?

Me, I don't care what your skin color is. I just want to stand on equal footing with you and you with me, be friends, have us care about each other and happily live our lives out together. Martin Luther King said it all for me, "I have a dream!"

Edwin DeSmith

Casa Grande