Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Coronavirus is a deadly virus that can get you really sick. It can put you in the hospital or it can bury you like it already has for more than 600,000 humans. Now because you have all these rights not to get the vaccine and you get the virus, what’s your excuse going to be when you give it to your family?

The government can’t tell me what to do. The government can’t make me get the vaccine. I don’t have to wear a mask. The vaccine is not safe. The vaccine is going to make you sick. I would like to see my kids smiling instead of wearing a mask. I’m not going to quarantine for 14 days. We are still going to the baseball games, restaurants, bars and the theaters. We refuse to get the vaccine. We will not make our kids get the vaccine. The government can’t control our lives. We are anti-government. Kids are young, strong and they can’t get the virus. It’s your right to believe all of that, but think about this.

First the virus doesn’t give a damn what color you are, if you’re a Republican or Democrat. It doesn’t care who you voted for, it doesn’t give a damn about your opinions, it doesn’t give a damn what organizations you belong to. The virus only cares about a couple of things. It likes all the excuses you have so it can spread a lot faster and infect as many humans as it can. It likes filling up the hospitals and the cemeteries.

Wouldn’t you rather have your family and loved ones safe and healthy and not get as sick or die if they get the virus? You can’t blame anybody but yourself if you don’t get the vaccine.

Take care, be cautious, be safe and stay alive.

Ken Madrid

Casa Grande