Letters to editor logo 1-18-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

So Janell Alewyn says we should get rid of the filibuster! Funny, four years ago, her party was complaining very loudly about keeping it. You see, the Democrats were in the minority then and they didn't want to give up any hope of having a say in what was done in the Senate. So thank you, Janell, for pointing out that "the filibuster" is in fact the only thing protecting the minority voters, depending on who's in power.

The House votes on bills and such and in that venue, the majority rules! The Senate, however, has to have 60 votes to pass any new laws or other actions which impact the entire country. We are a republic, not a democracy. A republic is where the minority is protected from the majority. A democracy is where the majority rules. You would think the Democrats learned their lesson. Back under Obama, when they had a majority in both houses, they voted to allow the confirmation of judges with just a simple majority. That led to President Trump appointing three Supreme Court justices and over 300 other judges. Maybe they never heard of "What goes around, comes around," because they were warned and voted anyway.

Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and other adopted documents were enacted to protect every citizen from the tyranny of government. We had won a revolution so we could create a country where everyone was protected. The only thing standing in the way of the radical Democrats is the filibuster. Tell Sen. Sinema to vote no on this naked power grab. Kelly is a waste of time. He's robotic in his voting.

Brad Marsh

Casa Grande