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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

All seven Colorado River Basin states and Mexico are presently experiencing water shortages. New solutions for the Colorado River’s viability are being considered. Desalination is favored by both the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project. The one other option presently is Mississippi River floodwater harvesting, which would bring water to all seven states and Mexico and help mitigate flooding on the Mississippi. It would locate diversion dams near Davenport, Iowa, and pipe the captured floodwater in the federal corridor of Interstate 80 to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where the piped water would flow into the Colorado River via the Green River and down the historic river’s path into Lake Powell and Lake Mead .

The desalination plan would have the United States build two desal plants in the Gulf of California that would be given to Mexico. In lieu, the Colorado River share of water for Mexico would be terminated.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes are made up of the Chemehuevi, the Navajo, the Hopi and the Mohave tribes. These tribes have the oldest and most secure water rights to the river on both the California and Arizona side. They extend 110 miles along the Colorado River shorelines from Lake Havasu to Ehrenberg. If the CAP endeavored to pull out Mexico’s share of water, they would need to pull it out at Lake Havasu and send it down the CAP canals, but they would have to have the approval from the Colorado River Indian Tribes, whose water volume would be reduced along their 110-mile water shoreline that the Colorado River Indian Tribes control by water rights. The tribes have depended on Colorado River water from time immemorial, and their culture depends on the river for farming, ranching and settlements.

Dick Powell

Casa Grande


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