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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Regarding the Capitol Media Services report on the Arizona vote audit (“GOP review finds no proof Arizona election stolen from Trump”), Sept. 25:

Before accepting the narrative that the audit proved that Joe Biden won, it should noted that the audit discovered enough questionable ballots that could easily change the outcome. Over 50,000 ballots with significant irregularities were discovered and the audit findings will be turned over to the Arizona Attorney General's Office for their review and determination whether further investigation is warranted. For example:

The CMS report indicated that 10,342 voters may have cast ballots in multiple counties. I have seen another report that indicated that number was 5,295. In either case that’s quite a coincidence that there are so many people having the same names and birth dates in more than one county.

The audit also reported that 6,591 voters moved out-of-state before the registration deadline and yet votes were cast in their names anyway. This certainly presents an opportunity for scofflaws to vote in more than one jurisdiction.

As for the 3,432 more ballots received than people who were listed as voting, the excuse given in the CMS report is that judges and victims of domestic violence could account for this. Hmm, that’s a lot of judges and victims.

Another report stated that mail-in ballots were cast under voter IDs for people that may not have actually received those ballots since they had moved and the USPS isn’t supposed to forward mail-in ballots.

Since the margin of difference between Biden and Trump was about 10,400 votes, and over 50,000 questionable ballots were flagged for further investigation, it is not out of the question that the actual outcome of the election might change .

If the vote count was squeaky clean, why are the Democrats so anxious to move on? They should have nothing to fear from being transparent.

Conrad Tolson



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