Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I could not resist the feeling that I should compose this letter to you with regards to the Saturday paper.

When I first looked at the paper this morning, and looked on the front page for news regarding the president of the United States, and his health condition and hospitalization, only to find it in “National” news; immediately following “Sports."

Shame on the Dispatch for this lack of respect for our president and the importance relating to his health and well being. One doesn’t have to like him in order to be concerned; after all, he’s the president of the United States!

The tiny notice on the front page, directing us to Page 5B for this news, is a travesty in my eyes. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking.

I also wish to point out that the lengthy TV coverage, in front of the Walter Reed Hospital with a small group waving two American flags and three Trump/Pence flags also showed disrespect to the American flag because one of the flag wavers seemed to want to “dust off” the street where they were standing. I shuddered each time it hit the ground.

I guess that’s enough for now; however, I feel the way I do because I spent three years in the USAF and was brought up by an immigrant (dad) to be the best I could be, and respect the laws of the country, and speak up whenever given the opportunity.

Thanks for opportunity to “vent” my feelings and to have you hopefully share them with your readership.

Bob Laukonis

Casa Grande


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