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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

After living here for over four years, I still get asked, “Why Casa Grande?” My answer has always been and will remain: “It is the people.” The officers and city employees I work with and the people who make up the Casa Grande community are special.

This was never more apparent than the past week. While other communities across the nation dealt with riots, looting and clashes between community members and police, our community remained calm.

We had lawful protests every evening where citizens were able to express their opinions without incident. We had daily communication between event organizers and members of our department. Demonstrations were held in an environment where there were no incidents, arrests or citations issued. This was possible because of the cooperation between officers and protest organizers, for which I am grateful.

These past few months have challenged us all. From COVID-19 to the recent demonstrations, our citizens have reacted responsibly and with a sense of community. This cooperation included a willingness to have honest dialogue between community members and members of our department. I believe these challenges set the stage for continued progress and positive change. Our organization is prepared to maintain this dialogue and embrace the positive outcomes ahead of us.

As I routinely remind my officers, I believe we are a family-first community. Our joint success with the citizens we serve must be built upon the same values as any healthy family: Trust, Respect, Compassion, Responsibility and Accountability. Recently, we have seen what communication and cooperation can do for a community. We must remember what recent events have taught us, transferring those lessons into practice, and elevating Casa Grande in the process.

Mark McCrory

Chief of Police

City of Casa Grande