Letters Logo 8-10-2020

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

Are you, like I am, so very, very tired of hearing and reading a nonstop continuation of total nonsense? Of course, every person is entitled to form and hold their own opinions, but when those opinions are based on lies and then spread to the public, real damage is done.

Kevin Holten (“Special Cowboy”) wrote a column Dec. 15 with statistics taken completely out of any sensible context. His intent is to minimize the horrible impact COVID-19 infections have had on the lives of people around the world. We are seeing nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans die every single day — it’s now a death rate that exceeds all other causes. Don’t believe the Holtens of the world.

Why do we continue to hear from people like Robert Zamzow (Dec. 17 letter) telling us that Democrats are socialists? These false prophets want you to believe that wanting a better life for your family is somehow un-American. Fair wages, taxes, health care and education are not wildly leftist ideas — they’re the foundation of what used to be the “American Dream.” Don’t believe the Zamzows of the world.

Despite losing in county courts, state courts, federal courts and twice at the U.S. Supreme Court, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and LD11 state Rep. Mark Finchem continue to promote wild election conspiracy theories. It’s now very obvious that no audits or recounts will satisfy them. They’ve never been concerned with process — their motivation rests in subservience to a cult of personality and power. They’re willing to undermine our democracy in the process. Don’t believe the Gosars and Finchems of the world.

I’m hoping that 2021 will see a restoration of health, economy and honesty in America. My optimism is based on getting the naysayers to “Please stop already”!

Patrica Atchue