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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

The U.S. has never been energy independent. We’ve imported oil from abroad nonstop. The Keystone Pipeline was never operational. It was a bad idea pushing the most environmentally hazardous sludge oil across our farmlands. Inflation and supply chain issues are being felt globally and are the anticipated lagging results of a pandemic that cost millions of lives. Fuel and food prices abroad are much higher than here at home.

Faced with a multitude of problems, I want to ask, “What is the GOP proposing as solutions?” Where are their plans on health care, education, environment, income inequality, racial injustice, water shortage, infrastructure or any other issues too numerous to list. The hard truth is that the GOP is AWOL. Their stated agenda is twofold: obstruct all legislation and attack election integrity. They label every problem-solving plan as “socialist” and continue to spread the “Big Lie” about fraud in the 2020 election.

Democrats, while not claiming to have the perfect answer to every problem, are committed to working nonstop to find pragmatic solutions that will benefit the American people. Democrats continue to work around the clock to make sure families worried about their future get some help. Reducing the cost of health care and prescriptions; improving public education and good-paying job opportunities; taking real steps to secure clean and abundant water along with clean and renewable energy are among the real life problems getting direct action from Democrats.

The U.S. today sees excessive wealth accumulation at the cost of meeting the needs of working and low-income families. Too many tax shelters allow the billionaires to fail in their responsibility to pay their fair share. Investing in America through equitable tax policy is not socialism — it is the bedrock of a fair and sustainable economy.

America needs bold solutions to big problems. Thankfully, Democrats are on the job!

Carole Clark, Chair Emeritus

Democrats of Casa Grande


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Tom Shope

Although I am a Republican, I don't always agree with many of them. But, really, what world have you 3 been living in? Have you not been paying attention in the last couple of years? Just wondering.

John Trainor

Tom, What is your specific disagreement with the "3" and which Republicans do you agree with and not agree with? Maybe you could explain in a letter of your own? Thanks.

Ralph Atchue

Tom, we have been paying attention. The GOP acts as if problems will “just disappear like a miracle”. Democrats see problems and work to solve them.

John Trainor

A better title would have something to do with the body of the letter -- GPO's failure to solve America's problems and destroy democracy while obstructing Dems efforts to solve problems and save democracy. The editor knows better and should have treated the writer more fairly.

John Trainor

Correction -- GOP not GPO.

Ralph Atchue

This letter has been wrongly titled. Democrats are the only hope for American workers and families. The GOP is pushing us toward becoming theocratic authoritarianism, if successful, democracy will be dead!

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