Letters to editor logo 7-12-21

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

If it is not broken, don’t fix it. I recently learned that during the pandemic the Motor Vehicle Division decided to go paperless for vehicle titles. This means that no one has hard copy proof of owning their vehicle and must depend on accurate keystrokes of some employee in the state computer system to prove you own your car. This troubled me, since I paid cash for my van in February and MVD claimed a bank held a lien on it. It took six months to clear up the “error” — multiple calls to the dealership and several trips to the bank and the MVD.

In the process of correcting the mistake, I traded the newly purchased van and this required a transfer of this troubled title. In this new “paperless” title system, I had to fill out another piece of paper called a request for title transfer and have that piece of paper notarized after I received approval from the dealership that they would accept this type of transfer. This was not a paperless process, and I pondered over the difference it made to just give me a paper title to be signed rather than the request of title transfer form I now needed special permission to accept.

I considered the thought that altering the mileage on the car itself had nothing to do with recording that mileage on any piece of paper or in any computer system.

The current system leaves everyone with significant security risks for proof of ownership. It definitely clears the pathway for documentation for any would-be car thieves. Someone in authority in the MVD does not have enough real work to do and does not understand the purpose for long-established documentation systems.

Yvonne Esther Johnson

Casa Grande


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