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Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

A few days ago, a person had a letter in the paper basically alleging that people who didn’t get the COVID vaccine wanted others to die and should have no rights to do anything with other people. He also threatened harm to them and said that only one of the people would be in court at a later date.

If he believes in the vaccine and has had it, why is he worried? If he doesn’t believe in the vaccine, what does another person’s status matter? Also, it is projected that over 2 million illegals will enter the USA this year and their rate of COVID is 18-20%. Taking the lower rate, that would be an additional 360,000 cases of COVID in the USA. If you want to blame anyone for the increased cases, blame the current administration for allowing this and call or write your legislators.

Perhaps a person has had the virus and is already protected. Per a study in Israel, people who have had the virus have more than 27 times the rate of protection than people who have had one of the vaccines. Does this not matter?

He also stated that it is Republicans who want others to die. He should look at the statistics and see that some of the lowest participation rates are among minorities who are also more likely to vote on the Democrat ticket.

Again, assumptions should not be made. There are a variety of reasons why someone may decide not to get an experimental vaccine and it is not his right to make that determination for another or to punish or harm someone who makes a decision of which he does not approve.

Julie Kostroski



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